Just Friends Program

TRANSITIONS has been offering one of the best events in the land, the Just Friends Program. Just Friends has been operating since July 2007, and it’s a super fun, educational program using DDD Respite hours for day and weekend retreats for clients. It utilizes the talents of retired Special Education teachers who focus on teaching skills like:

  • Self-Determination And Making Choices
  • Socialization And Communication Skills
  • Daily Living Skills In Cleaning And Planning And Cooking A Meal
  • Personal Care
  • Cooperation In A Team Setting
  • The Art Of Compromise
  • Participating In The Fantastic Activities Planned With Your Friends

JUST FRIENDS is safe, supervised and one of our agency’s all-time favorite activities. It is an event for young adults 16 and older that gives them the opportunity to build friendships, self-confidence, independency and, best of all, great memories.

Two special events are held almost every month. Activities like Bowling, Movies, the Circus, the Renaissance Fair, Mercury Basketball games, and Diamondback games. A new JUST FRIENDS Program has just opened up on the West Side which is available certain Saturday’s from 9am to 9pm, while Just Friends East is an overnight experience from 11:30am Saturday morning and get picked up on 11:30am the following Sunday. Transportation is provided for all the excursions out into the community and back

For the new Program there will be an informational meeting on August 12, 2015 at 6:00pm at TRANSITIONS West. For further information, contact Pamela at the TRANSITIONS Main Office (480) 940-7915 and visit our events page.

Just Friends East is located at McClintock Farms at 8150 S. McClintock Drive Tempe, AZ 85284; (480) 264-6625

Just Friends West is located at TRANSITIONS West at 7145 N. 57th Ave Glendale, AZ 85301; (623) 937-1974