Butterfly Café and Deli-Licous Café

One day each month, both of the TRANSITIONS DTAs transform into delightful luncheon cafés. McClintock Farms DTA in Tempe becomes the Butterfly Café and TRANSITIONS West DTA in Glendale turns into the Deli-cious Café.

The consumers at the DTA use this café as a chance to learn vocational and culinary skills that benefit them in everyday life. From setting up tables, tablecloths, and utensils to serving meals and cleaning up, our consumers take on the roles of decorators, hosts/hostesses, servers, food preparers and “bussers.” The consumers, with help from their staff, turn fresh ingredients into flavorful, balanced meals for their guests. At McClintock Farms, many of the vegetables and spices that are used in the meals are homegrown in their organic garden and eggs from the chickens on our farm.

Prior to the café, the consumers will spend a few days preparing the menu, food and handmade crafts they sell for a small donation. They make goodies such as jewelry, coasters, tool boxes, arts and craft projects, wooden jacket hangers and more.

All donations help to pay for the next month’s café meal. Any money that is left over after the food is bought is saved to use towards a large outing for the consumers to reward them for their hard work.

After a year of saving, McClintock Farms had enough money to rent a Surrey Top boat on Tempe Town Lake for all of the consumers.

If you are planning to attend one of the cafés, please RSVP to the appropriate person:

  • Jason Gallegos for the Butterfly Café at McClintock Farms at 480.264.6625
  • Barry Mclean for the Deli-cious Café at TRANSITIONS West at 623.937.1974

If you are interested in getting on the email invite list and receiving flyers for the cafés, please contact Jason or Barry.



Wednesday, July 17th – Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Pasta Salad and Sherbet

Wednesday, August 21st – Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Brown Rice and Ritz Cake

Wednesday, September 18th – Chicken Caesar Salad with Fruit



Deli-cious Cafe has been postponed until future notice.