In 2010, TRANSITIONS made a progressive move and created TRANSITIONS Employment Network (TEN), a Vocational Program intent on providing individuals with developmental disabilities an opportunity to gain work experience and develop vocational skills while in a supportive environment.

TRANSITIONS’ vision is to inspire our clients to reach their highest level of independence and confidence by gaining meaningful employment and integrating into the community. We are able to offer a range of quality services through our Transitions Employment Network including Group Supported Employment, Individual Support Employment, job coaching, transportation to work, job specific training, individualized goals and portfolio building. Employees working in employment enclaves “earn a paycheck” in accordance with our sub-min. wage contract through the Federal Dept of Labor.

The services that TRANSITIONS Employment Network offers include:

  • Individual Supported Employment (ISE) – Individuals Supported Employment provides job search services to help individuals find jobs and then become their interim personal coach at an integrated community job site.
  • Employment Support Aide (ESA) – Employment Supported Aide services provide individuals with the one-to-one supports needed to enable them to remain in their employment. These supports can include personal care services, behavioral intervention, and/or “job follow along” supports, and may be provided in any of the above service settings, as well as a stand-alone service.
  • Group Supported Employment (GSE) – TEN creates “enclaves” or group employment opportunities through our Group Supported Employment service. GSE is a service that provides consumers with an on-site supervised, paid work environment in an integrated community setting.
  • Split Programming – When it is appropriate, individuals may participate in multiple employment supports and programs such as a combination of DTA & GSE.

TRANSITIONS Employment Network (TEN) is pleased to offer the following GSE Opportunities: Heaven Sent Housekeeping, Front Office Staffing and Squeegee Team.