TRANSITIONS for the Developmentally Disabled offers a variety of programs for Special Needs individuals who are school age through graduation. Two of the programs are available for individuals who are still in high school: Day Treatment & Training for Teens (DTT) and Day Treatment & Training for Teens over the Summer (DTS).

After graduation, TRANSITIONS offers a Day Treatment and Training for Adults (DTA) program which runs Monday – Friday. When the individual gets comfortable with the DTA program and is ready to move to the next level, TRANSITIONS Employment Network (TEN) offers vocational opportunities.

    • Day Treatment & Training, Adult (DTA) – This service provides a learning-rich day program for adults Monday through Friday to promote and increase skills in independent living, self-care, communication and social relationships.
    • Day Treatment & Training, Teen (DTT) – This is an after school day program for teens still in school to develop and promote independent living, communication and social relationships.
    • Day Treatment & Training, Summer (DTS) – When summer rolls around and school is out, TRANSITIONS offers a fun, educational and exciting day program, call Summer Daze. This program will help the teen stay physically and mentally active with their peers.
    • Vocational –┬áTRANSITIONS Employment Network (TEN) offers a variety of vocational options for Individuals of various abilities to enter the community workforce. These services include Group Supported Employment (GSE), Split Programming, Employment Support Aid (ESA) and Individual Supported Employment (ISE).